Quite literally the jack-of-all trailers, built with strength, endurance, and multi-function for the end-user in mind.

Our wide bottom 12T,14T & 16T Multi-Purpose Trailer with square body and 72⁰ tipping angle allows safe and easy unloading of all materials.

Our 12T & 14T trailer comes with heavy duty chassis built on boggie / rocker suspension, 455/40 x 22.5 tyres, oil brakes, hydraulic drop down door, 4 x chaining points in floor, rear jack leg for safe loading / unloading of machinery, 6.6T alu ramps with storage aera in chassis ( 8.8T ramps also an option), sprung draw-bar and full LED lights. Trailer is fully shot blasted, painted in a 2pac high build primer and finished off in a 2pac topcoat (RAL CODE) of customer choice.

16T trailer comes as standard with High speed 10 stud commercial axles, multi leaf suspension, 10mm floor and strengthened chassis to take the extra payload.

Extensive customisation options available to suit your specific requirements.

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