4M, 5M , 6M Chain Harrows available
Hydraulic folding
Good strong harrows with leveling bars on the front

3m Manual folding = £825 + vat

4m Manual folding = £950 + vat

4m Hydraulic folding = £1225 + VAT

5M Hydraulic folding= £1350 + VAT

6M Hydraulic folding= £1500 + VAT


Price ex VAT: £875.00

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Chain Harrows for Sale UK

Chain Harrows for sale at very competitive prices. For Chain Harrows and other agricultural harrows contact J Bourne.

Jarmet Chain Harrows

Chain Harrows for Sale

What would we do without chain harrows and all of the benefits? Great for breaking up soil and levelling ground. Want to renovate your ground? Use chain harrows to renovate by scarifying and aerating. Chain Harrows work wonders spreading manure around and stimulating new growth. Do you have a moss or mole problem? Our chain harrows are great for getting rid of moss or spreading mole hills around. For best effects work in fertiliser while you are at it or use them to work in new seeds.
Contact us today. If you are looking for chain harrows for sale uk. Contact J Bourne Tractors today.