The Vertical Auger Feeder from HiSpec is a range of tub feeders with capacities from 7M³ to 32M³. There are two styles available, the V series (single auger) with capacities from 7M³ to 16M³ and the T series (twin auger) with capacities from 14M³ to 32M³.The Vertical Auger Feeder Blower Attachment can be used for the bedding of loose and cubicle sheds, it will blow straw up to 22 metres from the tyronehine. Accurate spreading can be obtained by the operator adjusting the hydraulically operated chute. All shapes and sizes, wet or dry baled material can be used.

The Blower Attachment can also be used for feeding into high troughs, round feeders, or over high walls. The feeder fitted with the blower equipment also has a standard discharge door for floor or low trough feeding. The Blower Attachment is fitted with a two speed gearbox – low speed for feeding, high speed for straw blowing. If the Blower Attachment is not required it can easily be disengaged and the tyronehine can be used as a standard Mixer Feeder.

The tyronehine requires a tractor with at least 100hp and a 1000 rpm P.T.O speed for straw bedding.

The strength and quality of workmanship is easy to see. An independent reinforced chassis and a single or double axle provide a solid base for the feeder body. There is a choice of tyre options to vary the loading height or feed-out height. The independent chassis features 4 Digi-Star weigh-cells as standard which provide an extremely accurate indicator of feed weight.

All our Vertical Feeders feature a heavy duty robust 20mm floor. HiSpec also incorporates vertical reinforcement to the underside of the feeder floors which helps strengthen the floor from the vertical forces of feed being loaded into the tyronehine. This feature and strength is unique to HiSpec.

The body on all HiSpec Vertical Feeders is made from 8mm high grade steel. The body is virtually wear resistant and is tapered to allow efficient mixing and to maximise volume. All feeders come complete with a straw ring which helps to contain the bales during initial chopping.

HiSpec Vertical Auger Feeders work by using a central auger (V series – one auger / T series – two augers) to carry out both chopping and mixing functions. The auger does this in a very simple cycle action; firstly it draws the feed up the central flighting and then allows it to fall down the tapered sides to repeat the cycle. All the while the auger is rotating the feed around the body. For chopping, the augers are fitted with self-sharpening serrated knives, they are adjustable for increased or decreased cutting.

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